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Do you need to develop a website from the ground up?

Or have you already got an existing website, that needs an overhaul, change of direction or isn't doing what you intended it to do? Then we are the people to speak too.

GO Photo & Web are website design, development and online marketing experts. We don't try to be anything else, which is why advertising agencies, print management companies, graphic designers, PR agencies and brand consultants get us to build websites for their clients.

Too often we hear from new clients who are frustrated and dissolusioned with their existing website, created by people who don't specialise in the business of making websites. These developers miss the total picture. Where a graphic designer may be able to design a nice looking site, they may not have experience with search engine optimisation and where a search engine optimisation company may have experience in getting sites to rank highly with Google, they may not have the ability or sensitivites to develop creative designs that help define a brand.

Once we have established what you are after we are able to formulate a plan to meet your goals and either begin designing your site from scratch or begin making the changes that will get you site back on track and doing what you wanted it to do in the first place.

We don't cut corners, but you'll still find us competitively priced.

Why are some website developers building websites so cheaply? Answer: because they aren't giving you what you'll really need. If they are cheap they are just making a site that looks like what you think you need. They don't spend time optimising the site, their code is bad and not thoroughly tested on different browsers and platforms and their sites may not comply with accessebility standards. - Ours do. We also run our own servers, which are in a secure datacentre in Brisbane, whereas many other developers outsource their website hosting or run cheap servers in the US.

Why are some website development firms so expensive? Answer: Like any large corporate business they have large overheads and bigger profit margins in their quotes to ensure they can stay afloat. - We're a small business. The person who starts you project will finish your project.

We really are middle of the range when it comes to price but as many of Melbourne's top website firms are finding out we offer top of the range solutions and results.

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