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There is more to designing a website, than just making it look good.

Like any aspect of your business first impressions are very important.  The willingness of potential customers to stay on your site and then take the next step to contact you, will come down to a lot conscious and subconscious factors.

The look and feel of your website will be a major contributor to the subconscious part of their decision.

A site that looks good and is easier to navigate around will not only help reinforce the quality of your brand but will also attribute to better search engine rankings as most of the major search engines take aspects like this into account.

With this in mind we aim to design websites that will not only appeal to your targeted audience but increase the usability of the site.

As budgets and ambitions for design vary drastically from client to client we have developed two solutions which follow these strategies.

They are:

The 3 Stage Design Process

If you're not exactly sure what you want and you'd like to work with us and see a few options then the 3 stage design process is for you.

This works are follows:

  • Initial Brief - We ask you to supply the most articulated explanation of what sort of design you are after. Often supplying examples such as competitor's sites, or other sites that you like the look of is a good way to go about this. We also take into account any special features that you may have asked to include, such as flash animation or web videos.
  • Stage 1 - We develop 3 designs that are quite varied in appearance, based on your initial brief. We then present these to you and ask for your feedback. We ask that you break the elements of each design down (EG the menu layout, the fonts, the colour scheme etc...).
  • Stage 2 - We develop 3 more designs, this time closer in scope, based on your feedback in Stage 1. Again we present them to you for further feedback.
  • Stage 3 - We take final comments from Stage 2 and put together the final design.

This process offers flexibility and peace of mind as you know that there are plenty of opportunities to develop a design that you know will look good and be functional.  However if you still want to explore more aspects of this process, you can with extra designs developed on our hourly rate.

A One Off Design

If you're pretty clear about what you are after or have seen an example of a design that has a similar look and feel to what you think would work for you, then you may only need a one off design.

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