Website Analytics

Our goSTATS service includes the installation of Google Analytics, which allows us to measure what is going on with your site in relation to Google.

You will have access to these stats 24 hours a day so you can check in at any time and see what is happening. In addition to this we will provide a written report once a month that summarises and explains the meaning of all these stats.

Google Analytics
Track how many visits you have had to your website.

We can also setup goals for you that measure conversions such as how many people access your content page or signup page. This information can then be used to work out if your website's message is working for you or if it needs tweaking to improve the amount of people converting into sales.

Google Analytics - Traffic

 Track where your traffic is coming from.

An example of how important this product can be was shown when discussing with a client whether they should continue paying a large amount of money to advertise in a major Australian online directory or invest in search engine optimisation. A month after installing Google Analytics we were able to see that while that online directory was directing 14% of the traffic to their website over 40% was coming directly from Google. And this was before they have even spent a cent on search engine optimisation.

In this case it was a no brainer and the client re-budgeted their marketing strategy, saving over $30,000 in the initial cost difference between the other online directories fees and our search engine optimisation.

So if you really want to make informed decisions on where you should focus your online marketing, then goSTATS are for you.

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