Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

goSEO is a search engine optimisation campaign which is designed to make your website more visible and attractive to search engines. goSEO is aimed at increasing your website's ranking for your keyword phrases in search engine listings as well as increasing the traffic to your site.

Search Engine Optimisation

Every month, we will send you an evaluation of the progress to date as well as its impact on your search engine rankings and changes in web traffic.

goSEO is designed to achieve two major goals for your online marketing strategy:

  1. Increase traffic to your website - goSEO will increase traffic to the site by improving the search engine ranking of your site and by getting other sites to link to your site.
  2. Increase customer conversion - GO Photo & Web will target the groups of people who are of most value to you, as getting more traffic to your site doesn't always mean you'll improve your sales. As we improve the usability and make the site more informative and easy to understand the conversion rate of enquiries/sales will also improve.

How the service works

Selecting Keywords

When you order goSEO we will ask you to provide a summary of your core business activities. With this, we’ll produce a marketing strategy around the keyword phrases you would like the search engines to associate with your business.

Consumers often search for a local supplier so we ask that you consider geographic terms as well, if applicable.

Search terms can be very competitive. A good measure is to look at how many search results are returned and the quality of the opposition. Specific terms related to your business will generally be more successful than generic words, eg “Australian landscape art” will respond much faster than “art”.

We focus your optimisation on phrases that can realistically raise your site in search results.

Assessment & optimisation

After we've received your business summary we will be in touch with a keyword strategy for the optimisation of your site. It is important that we base our development of your search engine optimisation on realistic objectives, so we can more quickly drive a return on your investment. Once your keyword strategy is agreed, we will be sending a report containing recommended changes that can be made to both your website structure and keyword density.

 The optimisation process:

GO Photo & Web will focus on phrases for which we can achieve the most immediate results, ensuring a return on investment as soon as possible. As these phrases rank first in search results, we will then recommend further changes to your website so that it becomes optimised for more popular phrases.

Often these changes are simple and do not affect the appearance of your site. They concentrate on word usage, links, labeling and navigation, and have straightforward implementation.

If you can't make these changes yourself, we can complete them for you (additional charges apply, based on the complexity of the work, quotable at the time of assessment).

Once the initial changes are made to your website, and the search engines revisit your website, you will see an immediate improvement in your search engine traffic.

Proven results through link acquisition

A search engine regards a link to your website as a recommendation; in other words, a webmaster has linked to and recommended your website.

If that website is relevant to your keyword strategy, then that recommendation is an endorsement from an industry-knowledgeable partner. GO Photo & Web has found that acquiring links from industry relevant and quality websites is an effective way to increase your search engine positions.

We contact webmasters and promote your business to them, acquire a link to your website, follow up arrangements and report regularly on progress.

The objective is to establish a community of referring websites for your industry and related fields to gain the respect of the search engines and rank your site accordingly. The size of the links community and the time required to build these links, is dependant on your overall goals.

Continuous refinement

We will continue to monitor your website ranking and make recommendations to improve even further.

We'll also continue to expand your link popularity, by ensuring you are listed on relevant directories and related websites. As automated link submission software is damaging to your search engine positioning, a GO Photo & Web optimisation specialist will find high quality places to promote your site and acquire links throughout the goSEO program.

Want Proof?

The proof is in the pudding, or so they say. And so you can see that we have that pudding, have a look at the results that we have acheived for our clients below:

Peony Melbourne -
Peony sell boutique fragrances and we acheived the following results for them:

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