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It is often said that the easiest people to sell to are your existing customers, as they have already placed trust in your business.

Sending regular newsletters to advertise your businesses special promotions or events are great way to keep your customers up to date and a proven method of increasing sales.

With MailSender this process is made easy, by using our user friendly system.

MailSender Features

MailSensers Powerful management system allows you to:

Manager your subscribersManage Your Subscribers

  • Create contact lists which can be used to email different campaigns to different clients.
  • Copy subscribers into your system via bulk CSV file.

  • Add unsubscribe links to marketing emails to make it easy for subscribers to unsubscribe.

  • Automatically process bounced emails and clear them from your send out lists.

  • Create custom fields to manage customer data.

  • Create a subscribe form to add to your website.


Manage your emailsManage Your Emails

  • Create professional HTML Email Templates using our template manager.

  • Send test emails to any address to preview the email or preview in the browser.

  • Select which contact lists you send your email campaigns too.

  • Once a campaign is lodged to send you can close the website, your browser and even turn off your computer and it will continue send out individual emails to your selected subscribers.

  • Automatically process bounced emails and clear them from your send out lists


Analyse your resultsAnalyse Your Results

  • See detailed statistics on:
    • Open Statistics - including a list of which subscribers opened the email, the number of email opens and the open rate.

    • Link Statistics - including which links were clicked, when and by whom they were click and the average clicks per email open and the click-through rate.

    • Bounce statistics - see how many emails bounce and what addresses bounced

    • Unsubscribed statistics - see how many subscribers unsubscribed and when.

    • Preview Statistics - See how many times the campaign was previewed online rather than just in their email program.


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