Google Ads - Pay Per Click

For instant results goPPC allows you to place an ad at the top of the search results on both the Google and Yahoo search engines. But the really good thing about this is that you only pay per click, which means you are only paying when someone looks at your website.

No other form of advertising has this level of accountability!

Google Sponsored Ads

You can attract customers to your website from as little as 15 cents per click, when they are actually searching for your product on Google or Yahoo!

goPPC is the ultimate pay for performance system. Only pay for customers who are actively searching for keywords you choose to sponsor and when the customer actually visits your site.

We will design effective ads for both Google and Yahoo and over a minimum 3 month period we will optimise your advertising campaign, suspending ineffective ads and only running the searches that result in potential customers clicking through to your website at the lowest cost.

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